Karate is a martial art form which includes different techniques through the use of one’s own body to do blocks, strikes, throws, kicks and punches.

Karate comes from two words; kara (empty) and te (hand). When you add – do (way), karatedo means the way of the empty hand.

Karate is divided into three parts; Kata, Kihon and Kumite.

  1. Kihon indicates the basics of karate.
  2. Kata which literally meands”form”, represents the “art” of karate since it combines the different moves/forms learned.
  3. Kumite corresponds to sparring, wherein you apply offensive and defensive moves that you have learned.

If Karate is practiced with whole effort, you will not only be strong physically but mentally, as well. You will also have a strong mind and develop strategic skills useful in karate competitions and everyday life.

There are no age limits in Karate and children, as early as six (6), can start learning.